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Our headsets come in many different styles, comfort, weight and colors. All feature an excellent noise cancelling microphone and a high noise attentuation protection dB rating. Comfort is our concern and the varying styles will accomodate different head shapes. We will try to accomodate any request you have.

Our headsets feature:
• Three-piece wire boom
• Noise-cancelling microphone
• Push-To-Talk button on the left ear cup
• Microphone muff
• Comfort ear cushions
• Comes with radio cord

All headsets can be fitted with our extended-range option for road courses and/or a scanner jack.

Headsets do not include radio.

Headset for Kenwood Radios
Most Kenwood radios with 2 prong connector, i.e. TK360
Includes cord.

Headset for Motorola Radios
SP10, SP50, P1225
Includes cord

Headset for Uniden Radios
SPH51, SPU51
Includes cord.

Headset for Vertex Radios
VX-160, VX-180, VX-210,
Includes cord.

Peltor Headset
Does not include cord to radio.

David Clark Headset
Does not include cord to radio.

Add a Scanner Jack
to a 2-Way Headset

Install a jack for a scanner so that your crew chief can listen to race officials and communicate with the team.

Extended Range Option
Install an extended-range antenna to your headset for difficult terrain and interference from other radios and trailers at road courses.


Pick your style!

Available with four ear cup colors:
Black, Red, Blue, Yellow

Peltor Headset
The most
popular European
racing style!

Behind-the-Head Style
The most popular
U. S. racing style!

Over-the-Head Style

One-Ear Style

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