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Endurance System

The perfect system for endurance racing.
Keep track of what is happening trackside at ovals (half-mile or under) and drag strips. We offer a variety of radios combined with other component systems for a clear sounding system. Your system contains all the extras you need to install your radio (car mounting box) and a system equipment storage case to take care of it. Our five year warranty will give you peace of mind so you can get out there and race.

If you are looking for a radio with more options that can withstand severe conditions, we recommmend severe-duty radios like the Motorola SP50 and the Uniden SP51.

Racing Communications Short-Track System

For the Car/Driver:

2-Way car radio w/charger
Triple-shielded car harness
PTT switch for steering wheel
Helmet kit with installation
Pair of universal earpieces (foam or molded)
Car radio mounting box

For the Crewchief:

2-Way crewchief radio w/charger
RCI Behind-the-head headset:
(3-piece wire boom, PTT switch mounted on left ear cup, mic cover)

Basic / $999.00

Kenwood TK3101 Radios
15 channels • 2 watts • 2 mile range
(additional crew: $450/person)

Better / $1250.00

Kenwood TK360 Radios
8 channel • 4 watts

Vertex VX160 Radios
16 channel • 5 watts • Priority scan

Motorola CP200 Radios
4 channels • 4 watts • Priority scan

Motorola SP50+ Radios
10 channels • 4 watts

(additional crew: $550/person)

Best / $1599.00

Kenwood TK372 Radios
32 channel • 4 watts • Priority scan
LCD display

Motorola P1225 Radios
2 channels • 4 watts
Optional 16 channels @$100 per radio

Vertex VX180 Radios
16 channels • 5 watts • LCD display
Priority scan • Very compact

(additional crew: $650/person)

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